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Pet Loss Grief Counseling

When you spend your days with the most loving, loyal and forgiving friend, it can be devastating when the day comes that they are no longer beside you.

To lose a loved one, animal or human, sorrow does not discriminate between species. Grief is grief but it can be difficult for others to understand or empathize with you when they have never experienced a strong human-animal bond.

While friends and family may come and go from your life, our pets are there every day, through thick and thin, eager to please and always happy to see you. It’s no wonder that your heart is broken when you lose your best listener and companion.

In our sessions, we will discuss your specific emotional reactions and feelings; denial, guilt, anger, depression and numbness (to name a few).  Any of these reactions can act as cumbersome anchors and keep you from a healthy path to recovery. We can often get stuck in our misery, internalizing how we feel, but it is important that we acknowledge and express our emotions.

Together, we will tailor a program that will help you cope and eventually break the chain of negative emotions so that you can reclaim your wonderful memories, hence celebrating your pet’s life as opposed to dwelling on the emptiness of the loss.

*Keep in mind – The relationship that you had with your pet was a unique one and just as the relationship was unique, so is the way you will grieve. Never put a time limit on your grieving period. Take the time to mourn and heal.