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Animal Massage

Innovative Pet Therapy (IPTouch) is different from general animal massage...

It is wonderfully unique in the sense that it involves continually being in tune with and reading the animals behavior...

Pet Loss Grief Counseling

When you spend your days with the most loving, loyal and forgiving friend,

It can be devastating when the day comes that they are no longer beside you...

Specialized Animal Assistance

We can all benefit physically, psychologically and emotionally

from a dose of human-animal interaction. Animals can motivate, inspire, provide...

" It's not only about self improvement. It's about improving the world around you and the creatures we share it with."

"Creating Physical and Psychological Wellness"


Did you know that sharing your life with a pet can be extremely beneficial to your physical and physiological health? Caring for animals can help beat stress, lower blood pressure, reduce your risk for heart disease, boost your mood, lower anxiety, help with depression and so much more...

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